Why plan for the second kid?

There are many reasons why we are not planning for a second kid, at the same time we are having some reasons to plan for a second kid too.

I have been raising my son alone with some help from my husband, of course, I understand how difficult is it to raise a toddler and what all a parent goes through but believe me the joy of raising a happy and healthy kid is unmatched with anything else in this world.

Some points why I will intend for a second kid?

  • My son will have a company during his growing age. Yes, I understand the importance of siblings. I being raised up with siblings know how important this relationship is. They taught all I need to know to survive in this world. Wherever I feel or I need I have another set of people whom I can call and depend upon. This is a different kind of love. I don’t want my son to miss this aspect of life and relationship.
  • I understand the importance of sharing, love, and respect. These all I learned while growing with my siblings and not in the school. Of course, we get to learn them in school too but the way we learn them with our siblings is totally different and for the lifetime.
  • Your kid will have an extended family after parents are no longer in the world. Yes, it’s not only about us it’s about them too. My son will have an extended family when I am not around.
  • Life is very unpredictable and so we should always plan in advance. Having a single child is full of risk in either way. If something goes wrong with the kid then parents have no support and vice versa is true too.
  • Of course, finance is one of the reasons we are not planning for a second one but nowadays the government is helping and providing basic support which is important during raising the kid.

So, think before you make your mind for not having the second kid and before its too late to plan one!

When talking is not a solution in marriage after kid.

Often some marriages go through a phase when talking is not a solution. A friend of mine went through divorce after her delivery only because she was unable to handle pressure. With the new member addition to the family our life often takes a back seat.

With my experience I can say giving time to the partner is very important. After my delivery I was fully involved with my baby and whatever time I use to get other than this either I use to sleep or do household works. Me and my husband was very happy with everything but I lost my best friend in him. There started fights and silence zone in my house which never happened in last nine years of my marriage.

I realised although we both are giving 100% to the baby but we are not giving time to each other.  Very important is that you don’t forget each other. Life will move on with many things but partner and his feelings are very important. I saved my marriage by fixing this very soon.

  • In some cases we are too late to handle this and talking to don’t help. In that case take help of friends and family. Talk to them and ask them how can they help. Ask them if they can keep your baby for some hours so that you can go out and give time to each other.
  • Cook for each other, help in household work. Share the responsibilities. Many thing you can do together which not only give you some time together but also will help you in strong bounding.
  • Most important is give importance to each other. Make them feel special.
  • Get out to some romantic destination if possible or some favorite place of yours.

If you guys still love each other and think time will solve this don’t be panic and enjoy the phase.




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