Crawling: How to help in crawling?

Babies start to crawl around 5-9 months. If your baby is not crawling and he has already crossed 1 year, you need to see and understand why?

Crawling is a major milestone and helps babies develop their upper body strength. When they move around the floor they explore the surrounding and figure out the entire colourful world around them. I know many kids who started to walk and never crawled. Normally I don’t see any problem in that but why to miss a great opportunity which they can doing only now.

Few tips which will help starting the crawl:

  • Give your baby plenty of tummy time.
  • Encourage your baby to reach for the toys she is interested in.
  • Place the palms of your hands behind your child’s feet when he is on all fours. This stabilizes him and gives him something to push off from when he is just learning to crawl. Keep doing this on regular interval and you will see the results.

Don’t push your kid to do anything which he is not interested. You can try from your side but it should have no stress on the kid.

Post pregnancy depression

As a new mom we often get tensed thinking of many things or sometimes lack of sleep makes us more irritating.  Just remember one thing “we are human too and so can’t be perfect all the times”. There will be a time when we will lose our mind and sense but how to make sure we remain calm and composed.

Five points which helped me in my post pregnancy days raising and taking care of my son:

  • Relax, listen to some good music. watch your favorite show, call and talk to your friends. Most important talk to your partner.
  • Get out of the house for walk and fresh air.
  • Sleep with your baby. Don’t just start doing household work as soon as your baby sleeps. Take some rest as well. Dirty laundry and kitchen can be done afterwards.
  • Take help of family and friends. If you are missing something for your baby that’s still fine, just remember you can’t be perfect all the times so ask for help and trust them.
  • Don’t worry about weight loss. Of Course you need sometime to get in shape and worrying will not help you in getting that. Focus on being healthy, not on weight loss.


I understand it’s not easy to handle post pregnancy depression and at the same time no one can help you. You are the only person who have to work on it and come out of it. Just remember “You are the best!” .

Autism Early signs

Autism if rectified early helps a lot  in getting proper treatment. We parents have to be careful and should make sure to track development of our babies. Normally 2 to 3 months delay is normal and we should not worry but if milestones are taking time to be achieved we should see the doctor or an expert for their advice. Below are the milestones generally achieved by babies under one year and on their 1st birthday they should be doing them all.

  • Make eye contact, such as looking at you when being fed or smiling when being smiled at
  • Respond to his or her name, or to the sound of a familiar voice
  • Follow objects visually or follow your gesture when you point things out
  • Point or wave goodbye, or use other gestures to communicate
  • Make noises to get your attention
  • Initiate or respond to cuddling or reach out to be picked up
  • Imitate your movements and facial expressions
  • Play with other people or share interest and enjoyment
  • Notice or care if you hurt yourself or experience discomfort

As I always say every baby is different so there may be a delay of 2 to 4 months in achieving the above milestones.

Roasted Apple with/without palm sugar

This is one of the favorites of my baby.

Take an apple nicely washed and peeled. Cut it into small pieces. In a pan take some ghee/ or brush with some oil just less than half a spoon and heat it. Add chopped apple pieces and cover the pan to get it nicely cooked. Once you are able to mash apple pieces with a help of a fork, it’s consider fully cooked. To add extra flavour you can add some cardamom powder but again it’s optional.

If you want it to be little sweet add some palm sugar. Cooked it with lid covered. Once fully cooked give it some time to cool down.


I am sure your baby is going to love this!

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